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Yarmouth Dennis Youth Hockey Association, Inc.

Eboard Meeting Minutes

January 13, 2016 


Meeting was called to order at 7:00pm. The following board and committee members were in attendance: Anthony Baroni, Lena Medeiros, John Julian, AJ Luke, Wendy Veara and Kelley Sullivan. 


Eboard meeting minutes reviewed and accepted.


The following reports were made by the Executive Board:


President – Anthony Baroni

  • League updates
    • SNEHC
    • Falmouth xice
    • Yankee
    • NE Girls
      • All leagues/teams having a good season
  • Spring and summer skills
    • Dan Hodge says he’s ready to start planning these with us. He would like to run them again – last year this was very successful.
    • We need to keep more of our players doing these with us rather than going elsewhere.
    • Find a way to incorporate weekly games.
  • Tryouts for 2016-2017
    • Week of March 7th
    • 2 days per level rather than 3
      • 1 night skills – players rated by Barnstable coaches
      • 1 night scrimmage – players rated by our coaches
    • Smaller groups?
    • Results will be non-negotiable and we will not discuss results within 1 week of posting
  • Treasure’s report
    • Reviewed and discussed

*Kelley Sullivan motions to accept the report as presented

  John Julian seconds the motion

  All members vote Yes*

  • Cranberry Tournament
    • Still need committee Heads and Directors for next year’s tournament
  • Capital Fund spending discussions
    • Outside practice area proposal to TKA
    • Goalie development inside using synthetic ice
    • Spring and summer skills

Vice President – Brian Weber

  • Not present

Treasurer – Beth Garbitt

  • Not present

Secretary – Lena Medeiros

  • No report

Tony Kent Rep – John Terrio/John Julian

  • TKA started using the new Zamboni today
  • Our reps started discussing our vision for putting together an outside surface
  • Discussion about liabilities regarding the set-up of our mites boards on the ice

Yankee/SNEHC Representative – Jeff Johnson

  • Not present

Member Elect – Chris Martin

  • Not present

Ice Scheduler – Kelley Sullivan

  • Trying to finalize the many scheduling changes for all teams

Equipment Manager – AJ Luke

  • No report

Mite Director – Chris Martin

  • Not present

Registrar – Kelley Sullivan

  • No report

Director of Girls Hockey – Wendy Veara

  • No report


Meeting was adjourned at 8:10pm.


The next meeting will be held in February, 2016.


Respectfully submitted,

Lena Medeiros