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YD Vice President
Jon Manual

As a father of four, Jon has three children within the YDYH program this year. His oldest child is presently in the Navy performing schooling at the Great Lakes Naval Base.  Jon has been involved in coaching both baseball and hockey since the kids started playing.  Athletically he played multiple sports throughout high school then focused on football and rugby while at McGill University.  Professionally Jon has worked in the Construction Industry since he graduated High School in 1996.  He  graduated from University with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering in 2002 and since became a Professional Engineer.  Presently Jon is working with a steel manufacturing and installation company located in Fall River. As Vice President, he directs numerous construction projects from the bidding process, contract negotiations, through the completion of the project. In addition he oversee the manufacturing processes in the Fall River facility, where they utilize both automation and direct labor to fabricate structural steel buildings and miscellaneous steel.