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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
May 25, 2016

Meeting called to order at 6:00 PM. In attendance were: Anthony Baroni, Lena Medeiros, Lindsay
Marceau, Trish McDowell, Dan Popovich, John Terrio, Chris Martin, Marc Howard, Beth Garbitt, Jeff
Johnson, John Julian, Jennifer Armandi, Kelley Sullivan, Brian Weber

Welcome to the 2016-2017 Board Members!
President - Anthony Baroni
Vice President - Chris Martin
Secretary - Jennifer Armandi
Treasurer - Trish McDowell
Tony Kent Representatives - John Julian and John Terrio
Member Elect - Marc Howard
Ice Scheduler & Registrar - Kelley Sullivan
Director of the Waves - Lindsay Marceau
Equipment Manager - Jeff Johnson
Director of Coaching - Dan Popovich

1). Coaches Selection - 12 person committee met with and interviewed potential coaches. Slate of
coaches was presented to BOD as follows:
Bantam - Ray Vincent. If needed, Ryan Carr will be added as a second coach.
Gold Pee Wee 1 - Mike Burrell
Green Pee Wee 2 - Dan Lapsley
White Pee Wee 3 - John Dixon
Gold Squirt 1 - Anthony Baroni
Green Squirt 2 - Joe Stone
Gold Mite 1 - Jay Krystofoski
Green Mites 2 - Joe Breda, Jeff Whittemor, Jeff Woodward
Waves 12U14 Blue - Gerard Kivney
Waves White - Winston Steadman
Waves U16/19 - Liz Cohen
Chris Martin made a motion to accept the slate of coaches as presented. Lena Medeiros seconded the
motion. After discussion, the motion passed unanimously.

2). Teams - Proposed conference suggestions for the 2016-2017 season are as follows:
Bantam - SNEHC (Southern New England Hockey Conference)
 1). Gold - Wales
Pee Wee - SNEHC
1). Gold - Wales
2). Green - Norris
3). White - SNEHC New Level or Norris
Squirt - SNEHC
1). Gold - Wales
2). Green - Norris
Mite - Falmouth & SNEHC
1). Green - Falmouth League, Cross-Ice
2). Gold - SNEHC (cross ice half year, full ice half year)
             ** Other Mite options**
             - SNEHC Cross Ice All Year
             - Start New Cape Cod League
             - Start House League
Cape Cod Waves - New England Girls Hockey League
1). U16/U19
2). U14 Gold
3). U 14 Blue
Discussion was had around participants from the WAVES dual rostering. With the WAVES, we are at 22
total participating players and that’s not a sustainable number to have on 1 Bantam team, and there
aren’t enough players to split into a second Bantam team. At this time, dual rostering is not in the best
interest of the YDYH league. *Note that 2 goalies for the Bantams are not listed as part of the 22
rostered players.* John Julian made a motion to place the teams in the conferences as outlined above. Chris Martin seconded the motion. After some discussion, the motion passed unanimously.

Other - Skills Director & Goalie Coach
Looking to hire skills director (from capital fund $7500) to help coach coaches, formats, practices, etc.
Work with kids to get them to higher level. Practice plans, teach fundamentals, etc. 6-10 hours per
week, all season.

Goalie Coach -- Opportunity with Matt Lopes. Comes with extensive background. Checked references
already, they were great, Knowledge of how to train on synthetic ice. Also will help ‘coach coaches.’ 28
week commitment. Separate goalie practice.

Chris Martin made a motion to use capital fund that we have for skills director & goalie coach. John
Julian seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

PCA Coach Alliance - Chris brought to the board a program developed to encourage winning attitude in
both players and parents. Discussion was had about bringing the program to the YDYH families.
Potential for grant money available to fund program through Mass Hockey. Conversation will be
resumed at next board meeting.

3). Treasurer Reports
2 scholarships were awarded to families in need. Money was already appropriated for such a need.
PO Box 16
Yarmouthport, MA 02675
Review of P&L, we continue to have good management of expenses.
Motion to approve report by Brian Weber, second by John Julian, motion passes unanimously.

4). 2016-2017 Season
Discussion around fundraising ideas; Summer Splash and moving Polar Plunge to the same time as
Cranberry Tournament. Conversation will be resumed at next board meeting.
5). Other Updates
Working with Butler's to launch logo wear for teams.
TKA Update - John Terrio provided a brief update on TKA.
Meeting was adjourned at 8:31 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Jennifer Armandi