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YDYH General Meeting

January 21, 2008


Roll Call: 9:00pm   present Dave Kenline, Mike LaCroix, Steve Mazzoni, Brad McClay, Rhonda McClay

 Kerry Schofield, Sue Sullivan



Presidents Report:

  • The First Annual “Jr. High Cape Cod Challenge Cup” will be hosted by Yarmouth Dennis Youth Hockey.  It will be held Feb. 29-March 2, 2008.  The fee is $695.00.  For more specific information you can contact Dave Kenline at or his home phone at 508-398-1926.  We are looking for 8 teams to participate in this tournament. 
  • We are looking for volunteers to help out at the tournament.  If interested, please contact Dave Kenline. 

Vice Presidents Report:

  • None

Secretary Report:

  • The Mite House and Mite A teams recently traveled over to Nantucket to play some hockey.  We were very lucky to have a beautiful day!  It was a very fun day for the kids and parents.  The Nantucket Youth Hockey parents had a huge cookout for all of us.  (This cookout was paid for by the parents, not Nantucket Youth Hockey)  They were so accommodating and nice to everyone.  They would like us to spread the word that they have a lot of ice time and would love to have any of our teams over for games.  If your team is interested in going over, please contact Nantucket Youth Hockey.  *As a thank you to Nantucket for being such good hosts, we are sending over a plaque from YDYH saying “Thank You to the Parents & Kids”.  This was motioned at the meeting, voted on & approved.
  • We are beginning to plan the 2nd annual Bass & Blue Fishing Tournament.  We are aiming for a Sunday in June.  The date to be announced as soon as it is confirmed.  We are forming a committee.  If you would like to join this committee, please contact Sue Sullivan @ 774-836-5207 or at .  Or you can contact Lisa Harney @ .  *Last tournament was a great success.  The day ended up perfect (after a foggy start!)!  Joe Jamiel and Ardeo put out a great spread of food.  Singer, Beth Terrio entertained us well into the night.  The kids and parents had a blast!  Hope to see you all this year!

Treasurers Report:

·         Nov & Dec report reviewed and accepted. 

Member Elect:

·         Mike raised some concern about our lower then usual numbers of skaters.  We brain stormed about how to increase these numbers and spread the word about Youth Hockey.  One thing we came up with was “shirt day”.  On the days that the High School has a home hockey game, we would like our kids to wear their game shirts to school.  This will begin Friday Jan 25, 2008. 

Ice Scheduler:

·         None



Tony Kent Rep:

·         The Zambonis motor (hydraulic) has failed and it costs about $2900 to fix.  Luckily is happened on a weekend that we did not have a lot of hockey.  No games or practices were missed.

·         242 raffle tickets were sold for the TKA raffle.  5% went to Mass Lottery.  The winner received $6000.00.  They had about $3000 in expenses.  In the end TKA make $2650.00.

·         TKA is asking the towns of Yarmouth & Dennis for funding.

·         Snow plowing is very costly.  TKA is looking for someone with a plow to donate his or her time and plow the lot in the event of snow.  If anyone is interested please contact Tom Walsh at TKA.


·         None

Equipment Manager:

·         One of our hockey parents (Mike Harney) has volunteered to work with Tom Walsh of TKA to design the long awaited (and needed) storage area.  Once designed, Mike will construct the area.  If you would like to help out with this, please contact Mike LaCroix at .

Coaching Director: 

·         If any coach was not patched by 12/31/07, they cannot be on the bench.  Please do not jeopardize this program or an individual team by not following this rule.

Mite Director:

·         Steve is very please with the progress these kids have made.  Keep up the good work coaches!

New Business:

·         The Banquet planning is under way.  The Date, Time & Place to be announced.  If you would like to help out with this event, please contact Rhonda McClay at .

·         Cape League play-offs are Saturday Feb. 23rd at Lower Cape (CMA).  They will be all day.  Please check the website and the info box at TKA for more information. 

·         It is time to start getting ready for tryouts for the 2008/2009 YDYH season.  Dates & Times to be determined and announced.  Please check web site and info box for this information.




The next meeting will be held on Wednesday Feb 27th, 2008 at TKA at 8:00.  All membership is invited and encouraged to attend.  We will be a stronger, better program with parent involvement!