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January 17th 2007

GM YDYH Meeting


Present: Brad & Rhonda M., Steve M, Ed S, Sue S, Mike L, Mark G, Dave K


Nov. Minutes Approved



There will be a Cape League meeting Thursday 1/18/07. We will have a representative there.

Vice President:

Squirt Tournament: Planning is well under way. Each team has been asked to make a gift basket for the raffle. Steve is asking the entire squirt parents to help out. (The squirt A team is in the tournament.)

Steve, Brad, Mike Schofield & Jimmy Manning met with Philip Scudder to discuss our ban from riding the ferry to Nantucket. After much discussion, the ban was lifted. Please remind your children to behave on the boat!


Reports for Nov & Dec were handed out and approved.


Fishing Tournament planning is also well underway. Ardeos has agreed to cater this event for us. Please support YDYH by either fishing or just joining us for dinner, entertainment & great raffle items!!! Please contact Sue Sullivan at for any information regarding this event.

Equipment Manager:

An AED is being installed at the rink. The coaches will have mandatory training. Anyone who is interested in training, please contact Mike LaCroix.

Coaching Director:

We will bring the skills session back for next year. It was a huge success. We are also working on some sort of off ice training for next year. More info to follow.

Mite Director:

Mini Mites & Mite House are in the Lobster Pot.

Minis are playing games!!! Please go and watch them..they are out future!

The Mite Manual has been started.

We need to keep the “boarder” under the bleachers and remind your children to stay OFF of them!

Banquet Update:

Date to be announced. It will be held a Christopher's. Watch the board for a flier!

Member Elect:

The member elect is the liaison between the Parents & the BOD. If you have any concerns regarding the program, please contact Dave Kenline.

“According to the YDYH Association By-Laws, the duties of the Member Elect are, ‘…He will be responsible to inform the coaches of any new rulings and information made by the Board, League, district or USA Hockey. The Member Elect shall chair and organize the Coaches Selection Committee, with no voting privileges. This position enables him to cast one vote at Board and Membership meetings. He shall assist with registration and act as liaison between the general membership, board and coaches.’