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Philosophy Behind This Page

Actual FAQ's & Concerns

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Philosophy Behind This Page
YD Youh Hockey is lke any other youth organization.
  • Parents want the best for the kids.
  • Kids want to develop their skills
  • Often, parents have legitimate questions and concerns.
  • We have membership meetings, but people are busy and can't always attend.
  • Questions and concerns are usually real time, sometimes one doesn't want to wait for a meeting
  • This page is meant to give real-time voice to those questions and concerns.
Usually, if one parent has a concern, they are not alone and often others have a similar concern.

  • It just makes sense to put it out there and answer it.
  • By answering one persons questions or concern we may end up answering 20 people at one time.
 No one is perfect, not the Board, not the parents and not the kids

  • Most just want to have a voice
  • Everyone wants the process to be fair
  • We want thoughtful and honest answers
  • A lot of people have the time to contribute and some don't
  • Like in life, not everything goes the way we want it nor when we want it to 
If we as organization show we are concerned with doing the right thing, then the members will tend to weather the rough spots.

 In the end, hockey is a team sport

  • A team only succeeds if it acts as a team, not a bunch of players going their own way
  • The same could be said for an organization like YD Youth Hockey

We are going to approach answering the question and concerns in the following ways

  • If there is a Board policy in place - we may start the answer with "The Board policy is ..."
  • If it is not a set policy then - then we may start the answer with "One member suggests ..."
  • It can be a dialogue for  the benefit of all
  • We may have several anwsers or sugestions to a particular issue
  • Unless someone specifically want their name mentioned we will leave out
  • We will use terms like "he or she" and "they" to respect the person's privacy
  • Let's see how this works and modify it as we go



Actual FAQ's & Concerns

 Date Posted Catagory Question  Answer

Dues I recently received my registration package which included an invoice. 

It gave me a credit for the tryout fee, but didn't give me a credit for the gift I gave for the golf tournament.

Who may I contact to get this resolved?
6/27/08 - We have a pretty complete answer to this question, which will anslwer more than this situation.

Just need a little time to organize and review the info before posting.

Kid's playing up a level? One parent expressed the concern that her kid is on the bubble in the sense that he or she would benefit by playing at a higher level.  They didn't want the kid to stagnate for a year.  They felt a loyalty to YD Youth Hockey and didn't know what to do. 6/26/08 - An answer is coming on this one.  Just had to contact a person in the know. 


I would like to once again see the membership minutes available to view monthly.  There was a spot under general membership (on the old website).

6/26/08 - As soon as I can get to it, there will be a spot for it.

Look at top tab - YD Youth Hockey, then Membership Minutes - note;  the organization may change a little but it will be under YD Youth Hockey