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YD Tryout Procedures

Tryout Policies

Coaches Selection Committee



Tryout Procedures

First, a group of independent evaluators grade each player at various skills - including skating, stopping, stick handling and shooting. Each player is given a "skills score" based on these evaluations.

Second, a Coaches Review Board is made up of all the previous year’s coaches whom have coached the players being ranked. YDYH BOD feels this Coaches Review process is important because the "skills scores" do not measure how well some kids play in games - and some players demonstrate in games, stronger skills and hockey sense, than they may demonstrate in drills.

The players are then given a "coaches score" based on these rankings. The "skills score" and the "coaches score" are then added together to give each player a final score. The players' final rankings are based on these final scores.

The Coaches Review Board spends endless hours after the final tryout to determine final placement. YDYH BOD is very proud of their dedication and the amount of consideration that goes into every decision.

Final player placement Is never easy. Moreover, YDYH BOD does not like to see kids get discouraged. We hope that we as parents and coaches can encourage our players who might feel bad because they did not make a certain team.

There is the potential for players who show improvement to be moved up during the course of the season. The reason is the YDYH BOD might have decided to dual roster players.  This allows the program to move players up if a space becomes available and the player has worked  hard and exhibit improvement. Mass Hockey allows dual rostering if a team is not a National Bound team..

Please feel free to pass this information and encouragement along to your son or daughter.


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Responses to generally asked questions

1. Our bylaws do state any player within the program must attend at least two tryouts. However, our bylaws also states if extenuating circumstances arise such as a new player at any time to the program or an existing player within the program whom has forwarded a letter to the board explaining reason for his or her child's absence during initial two tryouts could be considered to be placed on an upper level team by the Coaching Review Board. Any such consideration would only be valid if the tryout fee had been submitted with the letter and all account balances are paid in full.

2. YDYH as a general policy does not release any tryout grades or rankings.

Goalies are expected to attend the tryouts.


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Tryout Policy

Regardless of where a player resides, YDYH's tryout process and evaluations are the same for every registered player in the program.

Every player is ranked by independent evaluators and coaches evaluation committee and then placed on the appropriate team in accordance with the tryout results.

If there is a virtual tie between players for the last spot(s) on a team then, and only then, may the coaches’ evaluation committee give extra consideration to the player(s) who reside(s) with the towns of Yarmouth and Dennis.


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Coaching Selection Committee

Once teams are selected in writing from CRB, CSC schedules to meet at a later date after the final tryout to recommend head coaches from each team to BOD (Board of Directors).

The BOD meets to review recommendation from CSC and approve head coaches. Also, review team placement to determine practice ice needed to procure with TKA (Tony Kent Arena). Coaches are then contacted with team rosters, phone numbers and ice times for practices.